Foreign currency trading, or forex trading, has become a very popular market worldwide, mainly because of its liquidity and 24 hour trading cycle. This tends to eliminate those nasty overnight “price gaps” which traders of the stock market fear. This is one of forex trading’s most attractive features. Being able to trade outside of normal working hours is another.

To make a living from forex trading, you need a reliable trading platform that is easy and convenient to use and offers the same tight spreads to large and small players alike. You also want a system that offers the ability to test your trading approach before committing real money.

Your preference should be a system that you can use to place or close a trade pretty much anywhere there is an internet connection. The factor that allows you to do this, is that your broker’s interface allows you the option of trading using a Java based system. This is another way of saying you don’t have to download any special software which could only be used on your PC or laptop.

This is a big plus, because it means you’re not tied to your own computer in order to trade. You can do it at the library, internet cafes, even at your work PC because your trading interface with your broker is “web based” not software based.

But for all those extra little features, your broker should also provide downloadable free trading station software, which gives you full featured charts and other decision making tools.

An example of a trading platform which does all this, is Forexyard. This company has brought together some very talented and well educated professionals, to produce a system that offers excellence in online FX Trading with a worldwide client base.

Another important feature you want, is ease of establishing an account. You’d like to be able to sign up online and start trading within minutes using your credit card to fund your account, especially if you’ve just become aware of a great trading opportunity and don’t want to miss it. Credit card security and your personal privacy is important as well. Some brokers like Forexyard offer a “SuperMini” account, where you can start trading with as little as $100.

You also want a broker that makes withdrawing funds an easy process, particularly if you’re only a small trader.

It is common among many forex market makers to freeze their spread prices when price spikes occur. A trader’s worst nightmare is getting frozen out and unable to exit when a sudden price move, either in your favour or otherwise, takes place.

Another big item is a forex trading platform which has a uniform commission or spread policy for all. Clients with small accounts should have the same advantage as the professionals, so you want a broker who gives the same tight spreads across the board. Many brokers only offer these to more experienced account holders, while less experienced clients are given spreads 1-3 pips higher. A “universal pip rate” is a big plus.

You want to be able to practice trading with live charts and real-time prices without using real money? You should look for a forex trading platform that offers a “virtual trading” demo-account facility. This is a great way of testing out trading systems, particularly if you use technical analysis as your decision making tool.

Finally, you want a broker whose package includes well informed forex training and education, as well as current market trends and analysis. You would want to include in this, information on charts and proven technical analysis techniques.

Good brokers or market makers like Forexyard and others, offer all the above features and benefits. Investing your hard earned money with them can make all the difference to your forex trading experience.